Dwell House

Dwell, the purveyor of what’s trendy in modern home design and architecture, has taken a bold step this week with the launch of its own Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) called the Dwell House. The 540 square foot stand-alone structure features a separate bedroom, full kitchen, and a 12-foot folding glass wall to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor living. As one could imagine, the overall design very much matches the modern Scandinavian/Danish/Swedish aesthetic of many of the homes featured in its own publications. The Dwell house was designed in concert with Norm Architects and will be manufactured off-site and delivered by Dwells partner Abodu. The listing price for the unit will be $389,000.00 with a delivery time of roughly 6 months.

So What’s the Difference Between an ADU and a Tiny Home?

Turns out, not much. The simple answer is that while Tiny Homes are generally designed as single, standalone units, ADUs are meant (as the name suggests) to be an accessory (or additional unit) on a property to a larger, primary home. For example, ADUs are often built in the backyard of a standard home to be used as a guest house, or perhaps rented out as an Airbnb.

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