Infinite Machine P1 – the “Cyber-Scooter”

Take a look at the ultimate city driving machine being dubbed the “Cyber Scooter”. Clearly influence by the designed of Tesla’s Cybertruck, the Infinite Machine P1 scooter boasts a top speed of 55MPH. Compare that to most models of scooters that top out around 30MPH (like my Buddy50 or most models of Vespa).

It also comes with two removable batteries that can be swapped out to get an impressive 60 miles of range. Also unlike most scooters, the Infinite Machine P1 comes with a modern touch screen that can take calls, play music, and most importantly, display navigation. No more relying on your phone to navigate on your motor scooter.

The Infinite Machine P1 will be available in the next year with an estimated retail price of $10,000.

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