Introducing Kibb – the Autonomous Electric ATV by Cake

Kibb – the Autonomous ATV by Cake

Cake, the Swedish creator of popular electric bikes and motorcycles, is building an all-electric ATV call the Kibb. The semi-autonomous Kibb will function with or without a driver! The all-terrain, four-wheel vehicle is ostensibly being built for regenerative farming purposes – but with it’s sleek, fun design you can bet it’ll attract some joyriders as well.

The Kibb ATV’s modular design allows for multi-functional utility

Multi-Purpose, Modular Design

The Kibb is built with an innovative modular design that allows for various attachments for use across multiple purposes, including carrying heavy loads and hauling farming equipment. Cake has successfully deployed similar modular designs in some of it’s motorbike models. Additionally, the Kibb battery pack will be detachable to be used as a backup power source.

While designed primarily for regenerative farming, the Kibb is sure to attract some recreational riders as well with all-terrain capabilities and playful design.
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