Casio + Rag & Bone Vintage Collaboration

Casio is bringing back one of it’s most popular watches, the classic A1000, in a collaboration with Rag & Bone – as an honor the New York Fashion Brand’s 20th anniversary.

The vintage reissue formally title the Casio A1000RCB-1 will feature the classic octogonal face with jubilee-style band and will be available in both a monochromatic black and grey, with military accent colors. In addition, the face will feature both the classic Casio logo at the top of the watch face, as well as the Rag & Bone logo at the bottom.

Official vintage reissues have gained in popularity in recent years among watch enthusiast seeking the classic and timeless styles offered by vintage watches, but with the reliability (and warranty) of modern materials and technology.

Those looking to pick up this modern variation of the classic A1000 can purchase the watch directly from Rag & Bone or Casio websites.

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