Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel

Fans of Netflix’s F1 Drive to Survive know that even the most elite professional drivers do much of their training in simulated (“sim”) driving rigs. Driving in multimillion dollar machines that are F1 cars isn’t always practical for everyday training. That’s why F1 teams use some of the highest end sim rigs on the market to keep their racers minds sharp to realistic racing scenarios.

Until recently, these life-like simulator models were reserved only for the most elite and monied drivers. With prohibitively expensive pricing, only the likes of multimillion dollar backed racing teams had access to such simulators. But with the recent advancements in technology and the growth of the gaming industry, we’ve seen a recent influx of impressive sim rigs for the mass consumer. Case in point, the Logitech G Pro Wheel and Pro Racing Pedals

Pair the Logitech G Pro Wheel with the Pro Racing Pedal for the ultimate sim rig experience

Designed in collaboration with actual professional race car drivers, the Logitech G Pro Wheel is perhaps the most intuitive and realistic sim racing wheel on the mass consumer market. With its new “Trueforce” technology, the wheel provides perhaps the most realistic in-game physics, haptic feedback, and motor feedback with absolute precision. While the layout of the buttons are naturally intuitive, they allow for complete customizations and feature magnetic gear shift paddles and integrated game settings and LED display.

The Pro Wheel has even won praise from f1 driver Lando Norris:

“Logitech’s PRO Racing Wheel makes the sim racing experience incredibly realistic. I’m able to feel the conditions of the track and how the car changes during the race, which is game-changing. When using this wheel at home, I feel like I’m right there on track,” said Lando Norris, F1 Racer for McLaren.

You can further explore the full features of the Logitech G Pro Wheel and Pro Racing pedals directly from Logitech G.

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